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The Voice Of A Strong Woman

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

A strong woman does not happen by chance.

We all want to be one -- because strong is usually perceived as the opposite of weak, and no one wants to be seen as such. If you feel weak, it’s not because you want to. Either you have no idea how to be strong, or how to remain strong.

This common belief does not define what a strong woman really is. For you to understand what she is truly made of, let’s dig a little deeper. Please ponder on the following questions:

How would you feel if someone calls you strong?

Yes, almost every woman has this “unvoiced” desire to be her -- yet only a few have a clear understanding of what strong really means and what it looks like.

How do you become a strong woman, when you have no idea what makes her worthy to be called such? How can you reach the right destination, when you have the wrong image of it?

Let’s dig deeper…

Among the women you know, who do you consider to have exemplary strength? Name three.

It’s almost impossible to aspire for something you never witnessed in real life -- so consider yourself fortunate if you know these three women personally. By sheer association, you can learn what strength really is by seeing it in the flesh.

Having a role model gives you a huge edge. How much more when you have three? Don’t forget to celebrate them for their positive influence in your life.

Just one more question…

What five qualities make a woman worthy of being considered as strong?

Clarity is king! You must personally define strength before working on it. Otherwise, it remains an aspiration instead of an intention.

Visualize it in your mind and come up with your own meaning based on your experience and research -- so you can begin eating this elephant! Take note, your mindset is a key element in discovering the true essence of a strong woman.

Important Things To Remember About Strong Women

It’s crucial to remind yourself that -- although strong women have common characteristics, they manifest strength in various ways. This is simply because no two people have been created alike. We all have unique talents, personalities, and interests that help us discover our highest self.

And one more thing...

Reconstruct your beliefs, so you can gain a healthy perspective of strength. You have to get your mindset right - it’s the secret ingredient.

  1. Strength is a personal choice, not a product of chance. This means you are capable of acting in accordance to your highest self at any given moment - you just need to stop making excuses, and go forward with your decision.

  2. You have an equal opportunity to be strong. Every day presents ample opportunities that challenge you to rise towards your highest self. You just need to adjust your mindset to see it. Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Take responsibility of your own life.

  3. Strength is gained through persistence. Becoming a strong woman takes time. After all, no one gets a six-pack with just a single set of sit-ups. It will be a silent internal journey that involves falling and choosing to rise, day in and day out. You will have unattractive moments, and your accomplishments will often go unnoticed but we must do all the necessary work on ourselves -- because no one will walk our journey for us.

  4. Strength requires you to be intentional. Be vigilant in pondering on the woman you choose to be - at all times. It will push you out of what your safe zone and into the land of growth and discomfort, but you must choose the latter for the sake of your highest self and so you can serve souls around you.

Reconstruct your beliefs, so you can gain a healthy perspective of strength. You have to get your mindset right - it’s the secret ingredient.

Qualities That Make Up A Strong Woman

  • She is consistent. She is the same woman in the quiet, and in the open. She does not hide behind her imperfections but rather, celebrate her need for growth.

  • She is persistent. She is constantly working towards becoming her highest self so she can serve others in the biggest possible way. She gives herself no excuses for mediocrity.

  • She is honest. No little lies, no white lies, no excuses, no cover ups, only integrity. You can trust her word. She is fiercely honest in the face of possible criticism.

  • She is fierce yet tender. She is fierce in her conviction, yet tender in her delivery and openness. She embodies both and baffles the world with her courage.

  • She is brave in the face of criticism. She understands that a safe life is one that’s untouched by criticism or cynicism. She risks standing her ground, she risks pursuing her dreams despite being ridiculed and misunderstood, she risks all that to contribute in the greater good.

  • She welcomes feedback. She is in a journey towards becoming her best self, and she knows she will fall along the way - but she also knows she will rise each and every time. She is eager to grow and receive feedback from others who have earned that right. She knows where to draw her strength, and where to place it.

  • She is free. She can laugh at her mistakes because she honors her journey. She sees everyone, everything with the eyes of compassion - and is quick to deliver encouragement to those who need it most.

  • She has a bold voice. You can hear the strength of her tone in the messages and wisdom she shares. She faces uncomfortable moments and conversations with peace and joy. She is aware there is no true depth without discomfort and that comfort is the enemy of greatness.

  • She is merciful. She can see the pain and the wounds of people around her. She chooses to see the good in others. She celebrates their journey, never judging them according to their flaws. And despite all the unkindness in this world, she still places her hope in humanity.

  • She holds people accountable. She understands that enabling ill behavior causes suffering, and is therefore burdened by the responsibility to help the people around her rise. Nevertheless, she challenges them in a nurturing way.

Empower Other Women To Be Strong

There is strength within you, within us -- just as there’s plenty of work that needs to be done in each and everyone too. We are free to rise. We are free to choose. We are capable of being intentional and persistent, so we can grow into our best selves and contribute to the hearts of humanity.

If the list of what makes a strong woman makes you feel inadequate, sorrowful, or angry -- then welcome to the club! Most have been robbed of learning how to choose our highest selves that women of today suffer a quiet form of insecurity, of not being good enough.

We have all been there. We have all felt these unpleasant feelings, but it is what we do with our wounds, our anger, and our weaknesses, that ultimately defines our strength.

Let us all begin to work on becoming a strong woman -- moving our growth forward, each and every day.

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