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To The Woman Within, How Valuable Is Your Voice?

“Can you hear me?”

“Does the world really care about what I have to say?”

“Are my words good enough to be heard?”

These are the questions that we often cry out—we, the women of today, who face the constant bombardment of damaging beliefs that undermine our precious worth.

The Struggle Of That Strong Woman Inside You

To the wonderful woman within you who’s reading this right now, have you ever stopped to ponder if your voice actually matters in this world? Or is all that self-doubt too painful to even braise the question?

Regardless, you have likely struggled with the pain of NOT BEING HEARD—a challenge that has become so widespread among us, it’s comparable to an epidemic.

What you feel results from years of conditioning that cause not just you, but millions of other women to subtly assume that not being heard means you are not good enough.

This belief is so dangerous because it can be so deeply-rooted in a woman’s subconscious mind, which we know to be largely responsible for our behavior and ultimately, our actions.

You need to stop going over a thousand miles with your life, so you can ask yourself:

“How confident am I about the value of my voice?”

The sad truth is, many of us grew up with that toxic belief. Our subconscious was formed…

in school, where we shared our voice but no one really cared to listen, not even the teacher.

at home, where we tried to speak our minds but only got into trouble.

at work, where we tried to pitch in our thoughts yet we weren’t taken so seriously.

to our partners, to whom we opened up our soul to and felt misunderstood.

Ladies, Here’s The Truth About Your Powerful Voice

Imagine years and years of questioning if what you say matters! What does that do to a woman? Inevitably, it makes her DOUBT the VALUE of her voice.

Unless you have been lucky to have a role model who instilled the belief in you that your voice mattered, and showed you how to speak so you will be heard—then chances are, you are oblivious of how much POWER your voice has.

Time could have conditioned you into silence and that’s very possible from a scientific point of view. Here are a few facts that you should know:

  1. When you feel “unheard” it plants a new NEURON into your mind, embodying the unhealthy belief that your voice doesn’t matter.

  2. As you repeatedly experience being “unheard,” it creates a NEURAL PATHWAY re-confirming that your voice is not important. Through further repetition, such neural pathway transforms into a belief.

  3. That BELIEF then becomes your accepted truth, despite its lunacy. It will serve as the guiding force for your choices.

  4. Your CHOICES dictate the story of your life. If you really think about it, your current circumstance is a reflection and a collection of your beliefs.

You Have A Choice To Share Your Voice

So where does this leave you?

You can choose between two possible paths.

FIRST PATH: No, my voice does not matter. Then you have little work to do in undoing your own mindset. You have to tap into your subconscious mind through a conscious act of changing your false belief. You do this by creating a new neural pathway and replacing the older one. By doing this, you create a new belief—a new truth.

SECOND PATH: Yes, my voice matters! If you believe that your voice has mattered all these years, then consider yourself rich—rich in value as a woman. You have a responsibility to become a light to others who have suffered in silence for years. Cheer them on, encourage them, and LISTEN TO THEIR VOICE.