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Why Greatness?

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

The word itself feels too big, too intimidating and impossible. It seems that it only belongs to people who have made massive impact. Who am I to dare greatly? We feel unworthy of that word.

When it comes to our children, we just want to cheer them towards their greatness, because WE BELIEVE they are worth it. They are great in our eyes, and we would never want them to hide their light under a bushel. We not only desire greatness for our children, but we believe that they are worthy of it.

So why the double standard? Why do so many of us easily believe in our children’s greatness, but we struggle to see our own? This has been my journey as a mom. It has only been in recent years, as I have been training my own mindset, that I have realized: how can I give what I do not have?”

How can I look my Jack Ryan, Pia, Ena, Bo, Ifa, and Vivi in the eye and say, - “Go and discover your greatness from within,” if I cannot believe that I too have greatness within me?

What is greatness anyway? Through the years we have developed a definition of greatness that defines how we see other people and ourselves. Based on our definition, we are either worthy of it or unworthy of it. So we need to shake up our definition and make sure that our definition does not become our own limitation.

So let’s redefine it for ourselves.

Greatness is a light that illuminates the darkness. When our children choose to impact the people around them, they become a light. That is greatness.

This definition does not make greatness a distant reality. Rather, it is an intimate goal to bring light to every person and every situation. Therefore, greatness is not for a the chosen few. Rather, it is for anyone who chooses to bring light into the world.

This is what Greatness Journey is about. It is an invitation to journey toward the greatness that is within all of us. It is believing in our light; it is being intentional about creating a impact in little moments throughout our day. If we see greatness as a light, then we can be intentional about being that light - a light to our children.

That is how we can model greatness for them... because ultimately, it is not what we say, but how we live, that creates the biggest impact in our children’s lives.