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Why You Should Take Time To Unplug

The need to get away!

It’s a busy, busy world—we live in a time where our brains need to consume so much energy just to stay focused. Our children are bombarded by so much technology and we parents are going 100 miles an hour trying to keep up with our “to-do” list. It’s so hard to just BE.

I find myself twitching when I pause long enough to enjoy a beautiful scenery. I start to think of all the things that need to get done, people I have to get back to, and all the pressure thrown at me to raise “perfect” little children.

The world’s noise has just grown too loud that it drowns out our desires, our deep insights, our dreams, our most valuable relationships—the ones we have with our children, our partners. That is the biggest danger in this situation. We can spend our entire lifetime trying to do so much for our family, EXCEPT forming a connection with them.

Here’s a common example. You know those parents who slaved away “doing everything” for their little, and yet their kids grow up without any appreciation for their effort? We often see this as an act of disrespect, and we see it all the time! We have teenagers speaking so rudely to their parents who have sacrificed driving them all over the place just so they could do everything they want to.

We have to make time to connect—and we have to make connection time a strict priority. If you want to raise children that will value family, you must invest in cultivating EXCLUSIVE FAMILY TIME.

Yes, exclusive. There is a time for friends, and there is plenty of time for them actually. What you need to do is unplug from these people for a while, including extended family, just to be with your immediate family. That includes your parents, husband or wife, and children.

The goal is to UNPLUG from the world, so you can create INTENTIONAL time to CONNECT.

Knowing your WHY is important for your conviction. These are reasons why you should unplug for family time—reasons you already know, but often need to be reminded of.

Reasons Why You Should Unplug For Family Time

  • Time together is important for the family, most especially for your children. They have to know that you are investing your precious time in being with them, and nothing will speak louder than your actions.

  • They won’t be young forever. Their growing up years is the perfect time for you to invest in your future relationship. Savor these moments, because there is no turning back the hands of time.

  • Unplug from distractions to allow yourself to be present. Phones off, work off, drama off, deadlines off. Exclusive family time is your opportunity to LISTEN, LEARN, and LEAD THEM. It’s your time to get to know your children in a different way, on a different level.

Five Great Ways To Unplug With Your Family

  1. Enjoy nature, unplug from technology. Find a place with little distraction from computers, mobile phones, and other similar gadgets. We are constantly surrounded by devices—even the directions going to our destination can be accessed through our phones! Prepare a printed map ahead of time or take notes before leaving.

  2. Come up with questions. Your goal is to get to know your child in a new way because they’re constantly changing. You can get a deeper insight of who they truly are when you find ways to DIG DEEPER. Weather it is their desires, dreams, or what goes through their thoughts—having a meaningful conversation is key to establishing a deeper connection.

  3. Listen, just listen. Lessen the yelling, the talking, and just listen to their journey. When we unplug, we create space for connection but listening to our children is what makes them feel loved and appreciated.

  4. Speak their love language. We all feel appreciated in different ways, so pay close attention to how your child feels loved. Is it through gifts? Words of kindness? Warm hugs?

  5. Do something new and different together. This creates new shared experiences that will bring you closer to each other to form a new bond.

Be Intentional About Unplugging From Distractions

When we think of unplugging, I’m sure we can find a million ways to see why it isn’t possible—so I’m challenging your mindset. MAKE TIME TO UNPLUG.

You have to believe and persist to find these key moments in your child’s life where you can invest not only in your connection as parent and child, but also his ability to form meaningful relationships. Your investment in connecting with your child is an investment to his success!